How to delete history on your computer

What i want to show you today is the steps to delete history on your computer. The reason for doing this is it is only the matter of safety. There are a lot of things to know about your computer so that you are as safe as possible from hackers and viruses when you go online. If you didn’t know, add the act of deleting your browsing history to the list of updates, virus protection, and passwords that you do know about for ways to protect your computer and your information. Clearing your browsing history is not so much about how often you should do it, but when you should do it. Choosing to clear your history is up to you.

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What is browsing history and why should i delete it?

When you go online, your browser—such as Internet Explorer or others—keeps a record of your habits. According to Microsoft , your browsing history records the website addresses that you visit, temporary Internet files, cookies, and information that you have entered in certain websites—such as your name and address. Cookies are tiny data files that store information about your custom website settings.

This compilation of data stores a lot of personal information about you. It stores the exact websites you visited, how you prefer those websites to look, and personal information such as passwords and your name.

Anyone can look at your computer’s browsing history if they have access to your computer. Anyone who uses your computer can see where you’ve gone and a bit of what you’ve done, unless you delete the browsing history. Hackers and viruses can also access your browsing history and glean valuable information from it if they get access to your computer.  You should delete your browsing history if you don’t want others to see where you go on the Internet or gain clues about what you do.

Now that you know why it is important to clear your browsing history, let’s go ahead and do just that. Remember you need to do this as often as you can. The computer i am using is apple and you may have a pc. The browser is safari but there are other browsers such as chrome, firefox, internet explore and like. I will give you tutorials for all different scenario next time but for now we will go ahead and use safari.

1. In the top browser menu, click on history.

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2. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list and you will see a link that says “clear history and website data”. Click on that.

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3. And the last to open is a window that gives you a drop down choices of whether you want to delete just today’s history or all history. I like to use “clear all history”.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 10.17.42 AM

4. The very last step is to click on clear history. And that’s it. Four simple steps, very straight forward, it’s just not so easy to find them, and that’s what i am here for.  Your comments will be appreciated.


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