4 Tools To Help You Get More Out OF Your Emails

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Electronic mails are not going anywhere at least not for now therefore it is important to get the most out of them. If you are a person who live and breath emailing as a means of communication then you may want to consider adding one or all tools that will help you be a better emailer. Let’s get started.

1. Your inbox is too full, and it keeps filling up. You know you owe all sorts of people a response, but you can’t even begin to dig through the mountain of messages you’ve left yourself. Introducing  Zero, an email clean up app. It will not delete your emails instead it will organize and archive to keep your inbox clean, fresh and organized.

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2. Make use of email signatures. If you want to create a beautiful signature that also includes your latest blog post or social media posts, check out Email Bee.  EmailBee adds friendly footers to your emails. The footers link to your webpages, tweets, facebook posts, blogs and more.

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3. There are some emails we need to write – over and over again. Canned Emails is a collection of just these emails, which you can open in your email client by clicking a link. It’s just like quick phrases on your smart phone but this one is for emails.

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4. Lukewarm Email: Compile, Then Email, a Twitter List. This unique service run searches on Twitter for the people you’re interested in talking to, then collect them on a spreadsheet. You can gather email addresses yourself, or you can pay Lukewarm to do the searches for you. Once you have all the addresses you need, Lukewarm can help you get through your list of email recipients.

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What tools do you use to make email better? Let’s talk about the best ones in the comments below.



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