How to Make Siri Respond to Your Voice Without Pressing The Home Button

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By default, Siri only responds when you press and hold the home button on your iPad or iPhone. You can, however, configure Siri to respond when you say “Hey Siri.”

If you are not familiar with her. Siri meant to be something of a digital personal assistant, and can do a great deal more than simply looking stuff up on the Internet. She can take notes, set alarms, place calls, handle directions, and so on.

Using Siri won’t take long to figure out, but to completely master her, you will need to spend some time learning all the things she can do. To help make this easier and a bit more natural feeling, you can turn on her hands-free voice activation, though this will only work when your device is plugged in.

How to enable “Hey Siri”
“Hey Siri” have to be turned on in the settings. To do this, unlock your iPad or iPhone and open the “Settings.” Tap on the “General” category and then tap on “Siri.

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There’s an option to completely turn siri off/on, and then below that is the “Allow ‘Hey Siri’” toggle.

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While you are still on Siri’s settings, take a look at other remaining options. You can turn Siri from female to male using the “Voice Gender” option. There’s also an option to configure “Voice Feedback” from “Always” to “Handsfree Only.”

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Tapping the “My Info” button lets you assign who Siri talks to from your contacts.

If you tap the “Language” button, you’ll see an extensive array of different languages, often in several variations.

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Remember, enabling “Hey Siri” is a great way to interact with your iOS device without having to push the home button. And, since you can’t enable it to work when the device is unplugged, we understand that having such functionality constitutes a serious drain on the battery.

Tell us how “hey siri” is working out for you on a comment box below.


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