Ten Tips To Sell More Houses Using SEO Techniques

Old ways open houses, mls posting, and sending postcards practices are becoming obsolete. Posting a “For Sale” sign at a front yard, and crossing fingers hoping someone will see it won’t cut anymore.  The digital era imposes new rules. Getting your listings visibility in the major search engines has become increasingly important for real estate agents and FSBOs. Now, with the power of SEO for realtors, you can turn your website into a lead machine.

Search engines rank websites on the basis of algorithms. These algorithms change continuously, thus getting on top of the search results page does not necessarily mean your website will remain there forever. Staying on top of the rankings requires a lot of effort.

Having a well-optimized website would make it much easier for your target audience to find you. Below, please find ten tips to sell more houses using SEO techniques.


The most important thing you have to pay attention to are the keywords. Keywords will lead potential website visitors to your website. Choose the right keywords or If you choose inappropriate keywords, then you will not reach a desired audience. Before choosing the right keywords, check Yahoo! Buzz Index and Google Trends to find out what searches are the most popular at the moment. The Google AdWords keyword planner can also help you get familiar with what your potential buyers are looking for.

2. Keyword POSITION

Make sure keywords are positioned in your page title or close to it. Furthermore, mention them as often as possible, preferably in every article and web page. The search engine algorithm will recognize the keywords and rank your website in a higher position.

However, the quality of the content should always be a first priority ahead of the frequency of the keywords and phrases inside the content. If the same word repeats too often, the content will not sound natural. Hence, the reader might like it and would not share it, or link any friends to it.

3. Valuable CONTENT

The frequency of updating website content is another factor used by the search engine algorithms. The more frequently content is updated on a website, the higher the rankings for that website.

You can easily update your website content by having a blog, publishing press releases, newsletters, publications, news, photos, etc. If visitors find your website content valuable, they will most probably share it via social media.


The more pages link to your website, the more valuable the content will be considered. If you manage to link authoritative pages of affiliate companies such as mortgage companies, closing attorneys, staging companies etc, newspapers and institutions to your website, it will definitely rank higher than its competitors.

5. SOCIAL MEDIA (LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter)

You can post information on social media to let people know about your latest activities, news, issues, etc. Short and meaningful messages will trigger a reader’s curiosity to find out more about the topic and visit your website.

6. Analyze TRAFFIC

When “optimizing” your website, you ought to know who the most common visitor is and what they are doing there. This information will help you choose the keywords that are important to potential website visitors.


Being unique and having a remarkable story will inspire people to talk about your listing. That way, traffic will increase, and your story will reach a lot of potential buyers. Work on a unique story and that will attract clients by itself.


Google Trends is a convenient tool that can help you get information on the popularity of a specific term. You can find it extremely helpful during the process of choosing the most attractive keywords and topics.


Adapt your web content for mobile devices. If this isn’t already in there, it must be included in your SEO plan. Website content that is not mobile-responsive gets bypassed by mobile users and ranked poorly for mobile searchers.


Focus on producing useful content that will be used as a reference in your field of work. Posting current and reliable content will increase the number of visitors who will cite your website.

Bonus point: COMPETITION

Knowing and researching your competitors is an important move in building your list of link prospects. Tracking what house similar to yours is getting linked to, and why people are talking about it helps you create content worthy of being shared. By determining the weaknesses of your competitors’ link profiles, you can offer content that cannot be found on their pages.

To sum up

In this post we talked about the ten tips to sell more houses using SEO techniques revealed through out the post. The same principals can be applied to all kinds of businesses. As with any digital marketing strategies, the most successful tip overall is to be authentic. As for individual houses, learn to customize it’s own SEO content that way it can be found easily which translate to a faster sale.

If used correctly, SEO can be a highly-targeted, advertising channel for your brand that can lead to a healthy stream of revenue for your business.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR RACHEL MPOKI: Rachel is a professional digital marketing expert, real estate aficionado with a lot of knowledge in the area of marketing, SEO, Social Media. Her company, rachelmpoki.com, offers online digital marketing consultation, SEO plans, web design, and related services.

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