October 2015 Is the Best Month To Buy A Home In Massachusetts

best day to buy a home in massachusettsThis visual allows you to see the best months to buy a home in Massachusetts.

Looking to buy a house in Massachusetts? I have great news for you. October is the best month to buy real estate in Boston and surrounding areas.  Since part of my job is conducting a Market Analysis on daily basis,i found out that the best months of the year to buy a home in Massachusetts are October and November. Buying or Selling real estate in Boston is HOT cool during Fall season according to Research, and here is why.

Historically, winter months are slower and often a more advantageous time for buyers. However, Fall weather is great as we are moving from the hot and harsh summer to the milder months of March, April and May. Landscaping with seasonal decorations, such as pumpkins and gourds, will appeal to the potential homebuyers.

October 2015 Is the Best Month To Buy A Home In Massachusetts

October 2015 Is the Best Month To Buy A Home In Massachusetts


Sellers are motivated in October because first, many do not want their homes on the market for the Holiday Season. Second, the winter is not a great time for sellers, in general. Third, Linked to the “back to school” mentality, with the leaves turning fabulous colors and nice cool crisp temperatures, it’ll give another good shot at selling a family home.

The threat of rising interest rates could be another good reason to buy a home in the fall. The time to purchase or sell is before the end of the year, in order to take advantage of current market conditions in Massachusetts. With interest rates likely to rise in 2016, potentially lessening the purchase power of consumers.

Sellers are equally benefiting in the current market, with inventory in the area down 20 percent from last year, contributing to greater demand and higher equity return.

Conclusion: October is a good time to buy a home in Massachusetts because most sellers will put their houses on the market early in the season so as to avoid the holidays and colder weather. Having said this, there really is no wrong time to buy or sell a home in Massachusetts. Are you looking to buy or sell Real Estate? Let’s start our planning today. Contact me Today


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