Home Buyer’s Checklist


CHECKLIST Home Buyer Checklist

Use this list of features and amenities to prioritize what you need, would like to have, and don’t need when searching for your new home

Feature/ Amenity

Need IT

Would Like to Have

Don’t Need It

Asking Price

Property Taxes

Style of Home



Near Schools

Near Work

Near Parks

Near Shopping

Freeway Access

Neighborhood Restrictions

Overall Feel/ Look of House

Number Storiess

Number of Bedrooms

Number of Bathrooms

Garage Size

Storage/ Closet Space

Type of Heat

Air Conditioning

Green/ Environmental Home

Energy Conservation

General Floor Plan

Living Room



Master Bedroom


Studio/ Workshop



Patio/ Deck/ Porch

Backyard (pool, hot tub)


Contact: Fierce Agent 781-269-1183 or visit our website: http://bit.ly/1Rzpxbj


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I'm a coder. I have been for as longer as I can remember. I am also a writer, a healthy enthusiast, a real estate finder and a bunch of other things too.
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