11 Real Estate News and Trends We’re Obsessed With This Week


In this week’s report, the first time home buyers fall, America’s 50 Best Cities to live, the easiest, Cheapest ways to prep your home for a quick sale, and The most expensive 180 square foot home in America.

1. First-time homebuyers fall, ‘desire to own’ jumps; CNBC
2. US Housing Recovery Divided On Age, Race And Place; ABC News
3. America’s 50 Best Cities To Live In; USA Today
4. Homebuyers are hitting record credit scores; CNBC

5. American Consumers Feel Great. Europeans, Not So Much;WSJ Real Time Economics
6. Mortgage Rates Set to Rise, Adding Frenzy to Real Estate Market; MainStreet
7. Minnesota Ranked 4th Most Expensive Real Estate Market In Nation; CBS Local

For Sale By Owner

For Sale

8. Two signs that the market may be near a top; CNBC
9. Insane Palo Alto Real Estate: 180 Square Foot Home for $2 Million; Patch
10. The Easiest, Cheapest Ways to Prep Your Home for a Quick Sale; LifeHacker
11. Bonus: Mortgage Insurance: When You Can Get Rid Of It; Zing by Quicken Loan

There you have our 11 Real Estate News and Trends we’re obsessed with this week. Of-course there plenty more to sift through but we think these are exceptional. What a great way to end your work week. Till next time.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rachel is a professional digital marketing expert, real estate aficionado with a lot of knowledge in the area of marketing, SEO, Social Media. Her company, SEO Babe, offers digital marketing, SEO plans, web design, and related services.


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