7 Real Estate News and Trends we’re obsessed with this week


In this week’s 7 Real Estate News and Trends we’re obsessed with report;  Yes, You can rent Elizabeth Taylor’s home right now, What to fix before you sell, Ideas of selling real estate on craigslist and Charlie Sheen selling two of the three Beverly Hills mansions.

The number of real estate appraisers is falling. Here’s why you should care;

Real Estate Tips: A Guide to Successful Marketing Online; Realty Today

From Frank Sinatra to Bob Dylan, Elizabeth Taylor, Paula Deen and others, here is 10 Celebrity Homes You Can Rent Right Now; Realtor.com

What to fix before you sell your house (advice); Realty Today

House For Sale (request a showing)

448 Beacon #4

448 Beacon #4


448 Beacon #4, Boston, MA 02115
4 Beds 5 Baths 4,132 Sq ft. Price tag; $9,850,000





I have been trying to get listings from expired unsuccessful, i figured this information will be of benefit. If you are in the same boat, it won’t hurt to read this: What Every Realtor Needs To Know About Working with Expired Listings; HULIQ

After a bombshell news announcement that he had contracted HIV virus on Tuesday with Matt Lauer,  Charlie Sheen To Sell Two of Three Beverly Hills Mansions ; Variety

Ideas For Selling Real Estate On Craigslist.org

There you have our 7 Real Estate News and Trends we’re obsessed with this week. Of-course there plenty more to sift through but we think these are exceptional. What a great way to end your work week. Till next time.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rachel is a professional digital marketing expert, real estate aficionado with a lot of knowledge in the area of marketing, SEO, Social Media. Her company, SEO Babe, offers digital marketing, SEO plans, web design, and related services.






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