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Hi, I’m Rachel, a Coder, Writer, Realtor, and creator of TWF (an online directory and newsletter for health conscious women). I love Jesus above all and I enjoy meeting new people.

There are three basic and important needs for each and every person living: Food, Shelter, and Clothing.

Needs means something you have to have

Wants means something you would like to have

One of the main reasons I got into this business is not only I’m drawn to architecture and helping people but also it’s one of the most basic and important need in life. People don’t need a car, they don’t need insurance they just want to have however the same people certainly need a place to put their heads down. When I am helping clients achieve their goal of finding the perfect home to settle into or sell a home to move onto their next adventure, I get that “warm fuzzy where you can’t stop smiling.” Even better, forming friendships that go far beyond the closing table.


SMARTER – It’s not about the hours I put in, but the results I get. Sharing and improving my knowledge is what helps me get better every day.

HUSSLE – It’s only through making things happen that I can bring about long-term change for my clients. I move quickly to figure out what works and what doesn’t, tackling any obstacles that pop up along the way.

COMMUNICATE- I believe communication solves all problems. I regularly pick up the phone to ask my clients how it’s going, arrange a meeting or just invite them out for a coffee.

In my free time, I am on a mission to consume as much culture as humanly possible. I enjoy changes in scenery and look to travel and scripture as my way of hitting the reset button. Good food is important to me, and I am on a quest to taste it all!

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