Marketing: Why a Broker

Advertising and marketing cost MONEY.
Marketing real estate takes TIME, and time is money.
Effective marketing requires experience, knowledge, and expertise.
A broker maximizes exposure of your property through multiple listing systems and cross media marketing, including web, print media, mailing campaigns, and presentation materials.
As your fiduciary representative, a broker can prevent common mistakes and represent your best financial and personal interests.
Web and Electronic Media
We provide digital photos, floor plans, reconstruction, virtual tours, and 3D simulations of properties we market.
Design graphic emails and create emailing campaigns for the property.
Create a web page for the property and showcase it in detail on our website.
Coldwell Banker website generates million of hits and thousands of unique users every month.
Beyond Traditional Marketing
Properties are promoted to human resource and relocation representatives of fortune 500 companies and major corporations.

Our extensive global network creates a new level of exposure through marketing to European, South American, and Asian communities.

You can make use of our staging services designed by an interior decorator in order to maximize presentation of the property.

Personal Services
We will set a schedule of open houses for buyers, renters, and brokers as frequently as you will allow us to hold them.
We will make ourselves available for your convenience to coordinate appointments and showing schedules seven days a week.
Once your property is shown, you will receive a log of all potential purchasers and real estate brokers who have viewed your property.
We will produce reports, as often as you request, regarding any potential interest and progress made during the term of the exclusive.
You can rely on us to do the necessary research and pre-qualify all potential prospects.
We will do all the necessary work to successfully rent or sell your property. From presenting board packages, to coordinating inspections and working with appraisers, attorneys and lenders.
We will use the highest negotiating skills to obtain the best price that the property will command.
We will furnish all pertinent information and documentation regarding your property.

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