4 Things Buyers should not do during Inspection

The home inspection can be a terrific or a terrifying process for buyers. But it’s a crucial way to ensure your new home is both safe to live in and won’t end up being a money pit. Keep things running smoothly by avoiding these four common mistakes.

  1. Selecting cheaper. The worse thing you can do is select the home inspector by price. You want someone who uses the latest technology backed by years of solid experience.
  2. Not being present. You really should show up to the inspection if it all possible. Everything always sounds much worse when you are not there in person to have the inspector go over their findings.
  3. Expect the inspection to pass or fail. Homes don’t pass or fail an inspection. They are simply an assessment of a home’s condition. No home is perfect and there going to be things of varying degrees.
  4. Following the inspector around. Leave them alone and let them conduct the inspection. Sounds simple enough but they have a checklist and order in which they proceed. Interrupting them to ask to look at this or that will be disruptive to their process. and they could end up missing something.

Don’t make those four mistakes.

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New Four Seasons condo sale would smash Boston price record

The ultra-luxury Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences at One Dalton has sold units ranging in price from $2.5 million up to $40 million, Carpenter & Co. CEO Richard Friedman said during an interview with Bloomberg.

It’s not clear from Friedman’s interview the specific status of the unit deals, and a lot can change between an agreement and a final, closed sale. However, a $40 million sale would smash Boston’s existing highest-priced condo sale record by $5 million. The identity of the potential buyer is unknown.

The existing highest-price Boston condo sale record currently belongs to private equity billionaire John Grayken, who closed on the $35 million sale of Millennium Tower’s 13,000-square-foot penthouse in August. Millennium Partners, the developer of Millennium Tower in Boston’s Downtown Crossing, originally listed the grand penthouse unit for $37.5 million.

In the Bloomberg interview, Friedman said the response from buyers to One Dalton’s residential units “has been extraordinary.”

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